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Winner of the Champlain Games Festival Audience Choice Award

Winner of the RPI Gamesfest Award for Innovation in Movement Mechanics 

RV Punch is a racing game with a strong focus on RV to RV combat and exciting movement options! You race as one of a class of future RVs, equipped with the cutting edge combat tech- giant robot arms! Punch your competitors off the course and off the world around you to accelerate forward and win!

Please Note: This game is configured for controller only. 

Development Team:
Matthew Roy- Lead Programmer 
Nicholas Robbins- Systems Programmer 
Christine Brumbaugh- Lead Designer 
Samuel Scott- Designer 
Dylan Gooley- Lead Artist 
 Julia Wolniewicz- Concept/ Background Artist
Michael Andrews- Vehicle Artist 
Jacob Ettinger-  Sound Designer 
Nicholas Oprisu- Producer / Scrummaster

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RV Punch by MilkShed Games.zip 351 MB


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please fix download! :)

Hey! Sorry about that. Should be good to go. 

Thanx, but I can't play on WinXP. If interested to make it compatible (better a 32bit build): https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/10/deprecating-directx-9/